Babylon js tutorial

I created a mesh in Blender and Электронные сигареты pr кампания called it "". I set it up in my code just how it states in the babylon tutorial:

But When I load my scene and Babylon js tutorial hit F12 I get this message in the console: Failed to load resource: оптовая продажа жидкостей для электронных сигарет the server responded with a status of 404 (Not Found) and right next to it is this link: http://localhost:50207/Scenes/Models/Animation/?

So my question is: what am I doing wrong that is causing my animated mesh not to show?

asked Dec 29 '14 Электронные сигареты продажа в чебоксарах at 16:26

жидкость электронных сигарет lab

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